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We're now in Alabama, Florida and Mississippi

We are pleased to announce Mingledorff’s, Inc.’s recent acquisition of Equipment Sales Corporation (ESC) based in Mobile, Alabama.  Mingledorff’s, Inc. has been distributing the Carrier brand for over 70 years and the Bryant brand for over 20 years in the Georgia, South Carolina and Alabama region.  In addition to the ESC acquisition, Mingledorff’s, Inc. will be distributing the Bryant brand through our Mingledorff’s Distributing Division in the southern region (Gulf Coast Division) and our Airon Supply Division in the northern region (Tuscaloosa-Birmingham north).

Over the next few months, we will be making several changes to help improve customer service.  Some of our major goals will be to improve product availability, delivery service, employee knowledge base and overall processing time.  There will be many other projects on the agenda and we will be asking for your assistance in developing many of the changes moving forward. Our distribution in the region will be handled by two divisions.  Mingledorff’s Distributing will operate and distribute Carrier and Bryant in the Southern region (Gulf Coast) and Airon Supply will distribute Bryant in the northern region.

During the early transition phase, two Mingledorff’s employees will run our Gulf Coast Division.  George King, a long time veteran and former General Manager of our Southwest Division in Georgia, will serve as General Manager of the Gulf Coast Division.  Jeff Parrish, our current Operations Manager in the Southwest Division, will transfer and serve as our temporary Operations Manager in the region.  Both George and Jeff will be working with many of the current employees to facilitate and manage some of the changes over the next few months.  Bill Hallenberg and the Airon Supply team will manage the distribution implementation of the Bryant brand in the Airon Supply region.  Our Airon Supply team stands ready to serve your Bryant needs in the north.

We are very excited to extend our Carrier and Bryant branded distribution territory into your region.  The next few months will bring on many changes as we prepare for the upcoming season.  Our aim is to be world class in customer service striving to be the #1 HVAC distributor in the area.  We welcome the challenge and look forward to the opportunity to serve you!  Please feel free to call me or any of the people listed below with your concerns or comments.  We welcome the opportunity to serve you in the future!

David Kesterton